100% Frost Resistant

The grass is 100 % frost, black frost and cold resistant and grows in all soil types.


80 Sheep per HA

Carrying capacity of Russian grass is 80 sheep per hectare under optimal conditions.



Russian grass a perennial evergreen grass. It grows in summer and winter.


High In Protien

Russian grass has a high protien content, and is prussic acid poisoning free.

Special Offer!

Buy grass to the value of R5000 and recive grass worth R1000 for free. We deliver countrywide.

Prepare for the coming winter - plant the best evergreen animal fodder on the market! Yes it is frost and cold resistant, prussic acid poisoning free, high protien content, permanent perennial grass.


What is Russian Grass?

russian grass

The story of Russian grass began when Mr. Torr of the farm Bultfontuyn in the Middelburg district was given a few tufts of grass by his friend, Thomas Marais, who was a farmer in the Hofmeyr area

According to Mr. Marais Russian grass was brought to South Africa by a Dr. Le Riche who visited the Russian steppes in the 1930s. There he saw the grass and asked the Russians whether it will be possible to get some seeds or plants. It was out of the question. Fortunately he was with a group of South Africans in the field. He then told them : "Look, we need the grass. I'm going to steal and you are going to hide it." And so was the grass transferred to South Africa. Thomas Marais was family of Dr. Le Riche and through him, he found the grass.

Mr. Torr planted the grass on his farm, Beaconsfield in the Hofmeyr district. The first thing he noticed about the grass is that it is very lush, fast-growing and frost resistant.